Conline GmbH officially comes on stream

With passion and teamwork into an automated future

Handover of the key from CEO Rainer Kurtz to Conline Managing Director Matthias Sacher
Handover of the key from CEO Rainer Kurtz to Conline Managing Director Matthias Sacher
Kurtz Ersa CEO Rainer Kurtz at the get-together of the new Conline GmbH

Wertheim, 22.01.2018
Following conclusion of the restructuring phase at the former MBW Metallbearbeitung Wertheim, the course has been set for a successful future with new key aspects: Since 01 January 2018, successor Conline GmbH has been concentrating on contract manufacturing, manufacturing systems engineering for automation and automation solutions and thus transforming from the pure metalwork system supplier “MBW” into the engineering firm “Conline”.

Last Friday, in the late morning, Kurtz Ersa CEO Rainer Kurtz met up with the management, shareholders’ representatives, works council chairman and staff of the new Conline GmbH to celebrate the official opening of the renamed Kurtz Ersa subsidiary. Managing Director Matthias Sacher announced that, from this year on, there would be no more prefabrication by the former metalworkers, the percentage of installations would be considerably expanded and, in future, processed sheet metal would be bought in. All the services offered now concentrate on the areas of contract manufacturing and automation of product lines. Conline GmbH is thus changing from a sheet metal producer to a contract manufacturer with a comprehensive consultation service.


The company objective and the vision of the Kurtz Ersa Group is the optimisation of manufacturing and the customers’ manufacturing processes through technological advances. The restructuring is a huge opportunity for Conline GmbH and a step away from the externally directed buyer’s market and towards a self-determined future with the main focus on technology development with products of its own. Since the beginning of January, over 20 engineers and technicians, primarily from the other Kurtz Ersa areas, belong to the newly-formed team. CEO Rainer Kurtz confirmed that from now on the focus would be on the development of the company’s own products and services in order to gain a lead on competitors. Rainer Kurtz called for a joint team spirit and for everyone to play a part with their own individual strengths: “It is all about getting the mix right to build a successful team and to succeed.” CEO Rainer Kurtz wished the entire Conline team good luck and success in the development from a company with start-up character to a recognised supplier of automation solutions.