Technical Papers

Selective soldering, the automated step to greater quality!

Cooperation: Rohde & Schwarz and Ersa

Application report

EPP 04/2018

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Digital Transformation

Highly automated production line for smart pumps

Best Practice WILO Group and Ersa

User report


November 2018

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Parylene: the bearable lightness of space

Best Practice Heicks industrial electronics and Ersa

User report


November 2018

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VERSASCAN: The right program for sure!

Best Practice with Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst GmbH & Co. KG




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The Universe of Component Repair

Rework from Micro to Macro

The rework universe – Factors influencing the ideal solder connection of PCB and component.

Technical article


October 2018

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Top EMS Product Quality from Poland

System supplier Ersa und EMS provider Jabil show how it works

system supplier Ersa


EPP, Konradin


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100% quality in component manufacturing!

Valuable know-how transfer in the Ersa
“Design for Manufacturing” technology seminar


September 2018

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Convincing high-tech for heavy-duty and more!

Convincing high-tech selective soldering system as part of the quality assurance chain at ifm ecomatic GmbH

User report

August 2018

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Yes, Kitron can!

Kitron operates worldwide as an EMS service provider and can boast the most modern production sites in Norway, Sweden, Germany,  China,  USA  and  Lithuania.  With  over  50  years  experiences  and  comprehensive  competence  in  the  sector,  the  1,450-strong team around the world contributes to quality and efficiency in all the product lifecycle stages. The Kitron subsidiary  in  the  Lithuanian  city  of  Kaunas,  in  particular,  impresses  with  astonishing  results  in  terms  of  output  and  quality  –  thanks, among other things, to Ersa selective soldering technology.

Kurtz Ersa Magazine

Edition 46

July 2018

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Healthy manual soldering

The right equipment and ergonomics
at the workstation

Technical article

July 2018

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Process re-defined for further growth!

W. Kolb Fertigungstechnik GmbH added an Ersa inline selective soldering system of the type VERSAFLOW 4/55 to its machine park as one
of the means of achieving this.

User report

May 2018

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No need to fear artificial intelligence in electronics production

We live in a world increasingly dominated by digitalisation and networking. New, supporting assistance systems are also becoming increasingly important in electronics production.

Technical article

EPP Europe

May 2018

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Identical standards worldwide!

Long-term retention of specialists through training and education - Zollner Elektronik AG has developed well thought-out concepts for this purpose. System supplier Ersa supports with hardware.

User report

March 2018

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Even more power for the Royal League!

The fan manufacturer Ziehl-Abegg from Künzelsau serves the "Royal League" of air, control and drive technology as well as the automotive industry. A POWERFLOW e N2 line brings further growth in electronics production.

User report

February 2018

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Ready for take-off – with oversized boards for aviation!

With the Ersa selective soldering line VERSAFLOW 3/66 for processing oversized boards, Variosystems now has a real unique selling point: it is the first Ersa machine of this type in Switzerland!

User report

December 2017

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