24th edition of the “SMT Rožnov” seminar

Ersa Czech Republic representative PBT Rožnov celebrates 25th anniversary

Well attended: the “SMT Rožnov 2018” seminar at Hotel Relax
Well attended: the “SMT Rožnov 2018” seminar at Hotel Relax
Machine demonstration in the PBT Rožnov Demo Center
Product Manager Wolfram Hübsch introduces the VERSAPRINT 2 stencil printer
The participants of the “SMT Rožnov 2018” seminar showed great interest in the presented soldering technologies

Wertheim/Rožnov, 30.05.2018
The “SMT Rožnov 2018” seminar of Ersa representative PBT Rožnov took place for the 24th time on 23 and 24 May in Rožnov, Czech Republic. An interesting and dense programme focusing on SMT technology awaited the 115 participants from 47 companies. PBT Rožnov suppliers also contributed 13 lectures, the venue was the Hotel Relax. In two lecture halls and also directly at PBT Rožnov the participants got to know current machines and equipment mainly for PCB assembly and were able to discuss directly with soldering experts.

Jürgen Friedrich, Manager Application Technology at Ersa, addressed the topic “No fear of artificial intelligence in electronics production”. In his presentation he gave an exciting outlook on upcoming assistance systems in electronics production. A particular challenge for R&D work is the services that support the machine operator in difficult decisions. “Machine algorithms for process optimization learn from the quality achieved in the past. Therefore, a comprehensive network of soldering systems and the availability of their data in a central location is an absolutely necessary prerequisite. When customers are ready to access cloud-based services, they can benefit from the experience of other customers as the pool of available data becomes incredibly large,” said Jürgen Friedrich. Ersa Area Sales Manager Dietmar Wolpert also spoke about how to achieve the highest quality in rework in his presentation “How to perform high quality rework?”

New this year was the machine demonstration in the PBT Rožnov Demo and Application Center. Product Manager Wolfram Hübsch, for his part, presented the next generation of VERSAPRINT 2 stencil printers including highlights and explained the differences between the systems available. Since no stencil printer was available for a live demo, there was a remote session with a VERSAPRINT 2 Ultra from the Ersa Demo Center in Wertheim. This virtual connection gave the audience a very good impression of the powerful 3D inspection of the stencil printer and its intuitive software, for example when creating a new program. In order to be able to inspect all machines intensively, the participants were divided into five groups. During the seminar PBT Rožnov also celebrated its 25th anniversary, a magician and a band provided a festive atmosphere in the evening.