A new standard for desoldering THT components

Soldering Specialist Ersa presents X-TOOL VARIO

New addition to the Ersa soldering- and desoldering i-CON VARIO: X-TOOL VARIO to desolder THT components.

With the X-TOOL VARIO, Ersa introduces at the SMT Hybrid Packaging in Nürnberg the new standard in desoldering THT components: With its highly efficient 150 W heating technology, this new Ersa desoldering iron can solve tasks where other tools will and have failed. The perfect interaction between heating (a very quick heat-up time of less than 35 sec’s) and desoldering tips ensures the efficient heat transfer into the solder joint and a fast removal of the solder that has been sucked off.

The slim shape of the heater and the soldering tips permits also desoldering on densely populated boards. The user can observe at all times the amount of solder taken up into the transparent receptacle, and remove the stored solder, once required, with very little effort. For all types of THT desoldering tasks, the ergonomically shaped grip of the X-TOOL VARIO is the reason why working with the tool is very comfortable and without physical stress.


Energy-efficient and resource-saving heating technology that convinces

In common with the other Ersa soldering tools of the i-CON series, the X-TOOL Vario features a motion sensor which, during the stand-by and sleep mode, reduces the energy consumption while also conserving the solder tips, ensuring an extended life of the tips.  A large range of desoldering tips are available for the new desoldering iron, tips, that are easily made ready for use by simply being inserted into the tool  and equally quickly changed out.

In a smooth transition, the X-TOOL VARIO enters the world of the i-CON VARIO multi-channel soldering and desoldering stations, which satisfy the highest demands in the field of professional soldering and desoldering while featuring intuitive operation. To all multi-taskers moving about in the world of soldering and desoldering, Ersa recommends: With the flagship i-CON VARIO 4, four different soldering tools can be connected and operated simultaneously – and, as it is customary with Ersa products, the soldering- and desoldering stations score high with their sophisticated technical features, convincing technology and intuitive handling.  X-TOOL VARIO and i-CON VARIO – the perfect combination for desoldering THT’s for all those who intend to achieve, over the long run and on a professional basis, top results.