Blundell Technology Week

UK Sales Partner presents full range of PCB assembly

Coventry, UK, 21.06.2016
Blundell Production Equipment at Coventry, UK
Blundell Production Equipment at Coventry, UK

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The annual Blundell Technology Week and In-house Exhibition was held from June 7th to 9th 2016 in Coventry UK. Blundell Technology Production is one of UK′s leading distributors and suppliers of production machinery and tools for printed circuit boards. A full range of PCB assembly, soldering, inspection and PCB processing equipment was on display and the customer had an opportunity to meet representatives from global partners such as Ersa, iPulse, Yamaha, Fritsch and many more.


Ersa had on display the standard hand soldering tool and made live demos on the repair station. The shown HR 600 is a full automated hybrid rework system for high complex SMD assemblies. On the machine side Ersa showed the modular Selective Soldering System VERSAFLOW 4/55 and VERSAFLOW 3/45. In addition system supplier Ersa presented the Reflow Soldering System HOTFLOW 4/20 with individually adaptable process zones and an outstanding energy balance. All shown machines are already sold to Customers in the UK. The highlight during this week was an additional purchase order for a POWERFLOW N2 Wave Soldering Machine from one of the largest Airplane Engine Manufacturers in UK. Managing Director Neil Blundell stated that Ersa and Blundell had a very good year so far and with the new prospect developed during the Technology Week both parties hope to continue this level.