droneparts is soldering with Ersa

Repair of drone technology using Ersa Tools: i-CON VARIO 2 soldering station and an i-TOOL soldering iron
Repair of drone technology using Ersa Tools: i-CON VARIO 2 soldering station and an i-TOOL soldering iron
Soldering of a defective connection line of a drone
Ersa Soldering Station i-CON VARIO with i-TOOL AIR S (0ICV4000A)

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Wertheim/Hessigheim, 04.07.2019

“All about the copter …” – this is the successful concept of droneparts, one of the leading suppliers of drone technology. “Our customers value our consulting and competence in the use of UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) in a wide variety of applications,” says droneparts Managing Director Mischa Kohnen.

Among the customers of the drone experts based in Hessigheim, Germany are camera teams, energy companies, public service providers such as fire brigades and police as well as surveying offices and users from agriculture. Although the fully autonomous use of drones is still a dream of the future for regulatory reasons, it is already technically possible today. A wide variety of sensors and equipment in multicopters make it possible, for example, to detect pest infestations on agricultural land and treat them locally in the future. The targeted use of pesticides is as effective as it is environmentally friendly. UAVs are also already active in logistics – less often than autonomous delivery services, as is often reported in the media, but in internal logistics UAVs provide valuable services. For example, shelving systems are flown over in order to create a storage slot status database in the shortest possible time.

Mischa Kohnen is convinced that “the range of applications and the possibilities – including software technology – will increase.” Thus another business area of droneparts is gaining in importance: professional service and maintenance management for drones. Certified maintenance cycles and professional fleet management will accompany the deployment of drones in the future. droneparts is already well positioned to remedy the natural wear and tear on engines and other parts of the drones. DJI, the producer which droneparts mainly sells, even has its own Service Center in Germany. “However, we carry out repairs or the exchange of engines, modules and connectors ourselves.” As a DJI-certified repair center, the droneparts team also repairs more complex damage to the professional enterprise aircraft series Matrice 200 and Matrice 600 using professional tools.
Keyword connectors: The complete power supply of the DJI AGRAS series usually runs via a cable system that is connected to high-current connectors of types XT 60, XT 90 or XT 150. Replacing these connectors in the event of damage is not always easy. Soldering the strands to the high-mass plug contacts requires a powerful soldering iron – and the right soldering tip. “We don´t solder much – but when it comes down to it, we rely on the Ersa technology,” states Mischa Kohnen. It also happens that an ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) on one of the drives fails and has to be replaced. Here, the supply lines have to be partially soldered as well. With stations from the Ersa i-CON family and the 150 W powerful i-TOOL, the soldering tasks are completed quickly and reliably.

“At board level we leave electronic repairs to the manufacturers,” says Mischa Kohnen, “because for a repair you have to know the cause of the error.” Not all manufacturers are happy to give you an insight into the circuit diagrams of their systems. In addition, such cases are rather rare so far and the repair of an assembly is often not worthwhile. However, if the drone market develops as dynamically as the smartphone market, this can change quickly. In this case droneparts with its partner Ersa as manufacturer of professional rework systems would be well prepared.