In- and Offline Selective Soldering System for future-oriented manufacturing layouts


ERSA, the global technology leader in selective soldering equipment, introduces its newest addition to their product line, a unit, which answers to the needs of modern manufacturing methods. The ECOCELL system operates according to the Toyota principle, with the flow of the printed circuit boards being in the counter-clockwise direction. This U-flow arrangement is ideal for installation as production islands, but, if considered beneficial, it can also be integrated and operate in a more traditional layout.

In the ECOCELL, high throughput and high flexibility are no longer contradictory terms. With two integrated preheaters, up to 4 boards can be processed simultaneously, and dual solder bath systems offer the possibility to efficiently process multi-up panels. Another feature is - for both the miniwave as well as the multiwave baths – the possibility to use different alloys in the two baths. This function, together with the possibility to perform maintenance on a multiwave bath, while the other bath is operating, reduces downtime to an absolute minimum.

As in all ERSA selective soldering systems, the ECOCELL incorporates the proven precision spray fluxing system. With the integrated spray jet control, the flux deposition on the board, in either single point or track, is effected with high repeatability and high quality.

The short wave IR preheaters, mounted below the boards, can optionally be upgraded with top-side convection preheaters. Thus combined, they assure a thorough and homogeneous temperature distribution through even the most heavy and complex boards. A further optional convection preheater over the miniwave bath will maintain the board temperature at the required level during the solder cycle.

In the solder modules, the "peel-off" effect developed by ERSA for their process of soldering at 0°, virtually eliminates bridging and assures a very low ppm level of defects. For the ECOCELL, manually driven pump systems with impellers are a thing of the past. In both the miniwave as well as the multiwave bath, induction pumps are used to deliver the solder. For this reason, both processes are very low in maintenance and there is very little observable wear and tear.

The intuitively operated system software guarantees simple and effective programming, and it records all production parameters relevant to traceability as per the ZVEI standard. One highlight is offered by the optional graphical programming interface via the CAD-Assistant 2. This new software version allows for extremely quick and simple offline programming while the system is running in production. Maximum equipment availability and uptime is given! Additionally, programs can be generated using DXF data or scanned PCB’s. The user administration feature supplied eliminates unauthorized operation of the system.