ECOSELECT 4 – flexibility for small and medium-sized series

Inline and batch soldering system for highest selective soldering quality

Ersa ECOSELECT 4: Inline and batch selective soldering system for small to medium-sized series
Ersa ECOSELECT 4: Inline and batch selective soldering system for small to medium-sized series
Power beneath the hood: Looking into the interior of the ECOSELECT 4, the first thing to catch the eye is the y/z-variable double pot
Award-winning and powerful: the innovative and user-friendly ERSASOFT 5 software

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Wertheim/Nürnberg, 22 May 2017

The compact ECOSELECT 4 selective soldering system is ideal for small to medium-sized series demanding a high degree of flexibility. The ECOSELECT 4 features Ersa machine technology of the latest VERSAFLOW generation. It boasts a high-quality roller feed for maximum PCB dimensions of 508 x 508 mm and can be used in batch or inline operation as required. A further highlight is the optional power convection which ensures optimum homogenous warming even with difficult components. The ECOSELECT 4 grows in step with the customer’s needs – adding corresponding expansion modules turns the compact machine into a full-scale VERSAFLOW 4/55 – quickly, at any time.



Like all Ersa selective soldering systems, the ECOSELECT 4 is equipped with a programmable precision spray fluxer for precise and economical flux application in dot or single line application with integrated spray jet control. A second spray head is available as an optional extra. The new double-pot system of the VERSAFLOW 4 can also be configured for the ECOSELECT 4. The two mini wave pots can therefore be flexibly moved and adjusted in y/z-direction. Different-sized nozzles can be used, for example, to solder connector strips quickly using a large-sized nozzle, whereas difficult-to-reach joints can be soldered with a very fine nozzle. Thanks to the innovative and user-friendly ERSASOFT 5 software, machine operation is even more intuitive. The data required by every user is made available via an individual user interface. A further software highlight is the picture-in-picture function (PIP) combined with a process monitoring camera. If your selective soldering favourite is a mix of compact and high-performance, you will love the ECOSELECT 4 – the Ersa Team would be pleased to advise you!