Ersa Awarded Million Euro Contract

ERSA HOTFLOW 3 – Energy-efficient and cost-effective reflow soldering system with leading thermal performance for maximum quality and highest availability at minimum operating cost

In an international competition and based on their strong technology, ERSA’s reflow systems were selected by another global player located in Scandinavia as the equipment of choice for their production facilities.


The selection was preceded by week-long evaluations of a number of systems from different suppliers. The systems were evaluated in the customer’s facility, representing a true production environment of telecommunication applications, in terms of their capability in temperature accuracy, thermal performance, equipment uptime, maintenance requirements and ease of maintenance, consumption data and defect rates.


The matrix generated from the data of this knock-out competition proved ERSA to be the clear winner, the difference in performance to the systems of its competitors being of such dimension, that even lower-priced systems in the evaluation had no chance.


The first systems of the model HOTFLOW 3/20 will be delivered end of June 2011, with additional systems following in two-week cycles.