Ersa ECOCELL in combination with the FIFO TOWER C – a winning team!

Ersa ECOCELL and FIFO TOWER C: Efficient cooling of assemblies for selective soldering in production islands and production lines

Combining the ECOCELL selective soldering system with the FIFO cooling tower with integrated buffering introduces new ways of raising quality while reducing manufacturing costs. 
The ECOCELL selective soldering system is designed as a compact U-layout, an ideal layout for operating as flexible production island or as "side line" system to production lines. Valuable floor space in the production area can be saved. The ECOCELL is available with flexible mini-wave or high volume dip-solder modules. Product change on the dip-solder module is performed while the system operates - no down-time - raising the availability of the unit for production while lowering the cost of individual assemblies.
Quality improvements are achieved with the FIFO TOWER. Disruptions in production lines frequently terminate the processing of assemblies in selective soldering systems. Normally, these assemblies need to be scrapped because of their undefined process status.
To prevent the need to scrap assemblies, a FIFO TOWER is installed after selective soldering. It accommodates all assemblies in the soldering system when a line stoppage occurs. Assemblies will undergo the standard process, to be buffered in the FIFO TOWER. 
During normal operation of the FIFO TOWER, assemblies are actively cooled in three buffering stations, exiting „first in first out". During buffering (for triple cycle time of solder process) the boards cool down to below 35°C. At these temperatures, assemblies can be handled by the operators or they can pass on directly to AOI or ICT processes.