Ersa goes East – Tech Days India

Ersa Tech Days India, Bangalore event
Ersa Tech Days India, Bangalore event
Ersa Tech Days India, Delhi event

Wertheim/Bangalore … New Delhi, June 2017

While, during his visit to Germany at the end of May, India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, was pressing for more intensive economic cooperation between the two countries, Ersa was already implementing this cooperation in practice. For this, two Technology Days were planned in the Indian cities of Bangalore and Delhi.


The meeting days both started at 10:00 a.m. local time; the main focus was on selective soldering, reflow soldering, hand soldering and rework applications. Both venues registered pleasingly-high participant numbers – and that was not all: In response to the intensive question and answer sessions, both the Bangalore and Delhi events went into extra time, extending well beyond the intended 6 p.m. finish. All those involved came to a satisfied conclusion: the organiser, Ersa, on the one hand, the participants in Tech Days India, on the other. Further dates for the fast-growing Indian market are already in the pipeline …