Economically priced reflow systems for maximum quality and minimal manufacturing cost


The HOTFLOW 3/14e and 3/20e are the newest reflow systems in the ERSA HOTFLOW family, and they deliver exceptional soldering results on account of their superior thermal performance, their low transverse profile and their excellent zone separation.

The "e" attached to the HOTFLOW lettering stands for "efficiency". Being part of the name of the product, it underlines the importance ERSA has put on the economic efficiency during the development of these systems.

During the systems' designing, ERSA drew on their extensive know-how and a hoard of experience gained during the 25 years of ERSA’s excellent track record in building reflow systems. Numerous economical and technical solutions could be ideally combined, without compromising in any way the reliability and uptime of the system. At the same time, the high-grade materials and proven components expected to be found in ERSA equipment are specified, yet, should a component fail, the necessary ease of access to repair and service is available to facilitate these duties.

There was also no compromise made in the selection of the controller. The HOTFLOW 3/14e and 3/20e are equipped with a premium PLC controller, and it offers a PC with Windows 7 operating system as the user interface. The comfortable system visualization simplifies programming and has all necessary operating and process data on board. The solder protocol, available in the standard program version, is built on the ZVEI standard, which is a pre-requisite for future traceability applications.

The line of HOTFLOW 3e systems enthuses not only because of its technical features and performance, but also on account of its very attractive price. Considering it all, and taking it together with its high level of machine availability, excellent TCO values and a quick ROI are assured.