Ersa HR 200 Hybrid Rework system

As easy as one, two, three: Rework out of the Box!


Unpack, setup, solder! It´s simple as that to rework a PCB nowadays. The Ersa hybrid rework

system HR 200 contains a 400 W hybrid highpower heating element to desolder and solder

SMT components up to 30 x 30 mm. In addition, the system can operate a powerful 800 W infrared heating plate. This bottom heater guarantees ideal preheating of the assembly to rework.


The operator selects the required power for top and bottom heating with a control knob, each with four levels. A foot switch activates the heating process. The operator’s hands are free to remove the desoldered component with appropriate tools.


Depending on the assembly and the preselected power a typical soldering time for components can range from 60 to 180 s (1 -3 min). During working breaks, the bottom heater switches back to standby level. The integrated PCB holder locates the assembly in optimum working distance to top and bottom heater.


Ersa recommends an optional cooling fan, a thermocouple and a temperature-measuring instrument to complete the workplace. Additional accessories including a Reflow Process Camera to observe the soldering processes rounds off the equipment.


Technical Highlights

  • 400 W Hybrid high-power heating element
  • optional 800 W IR-heating plate
  • simple power selection in four levels
  • foot switch the activate the heating process
  • very compact and handy system