Ersa Hybrid Rework System HR 600/2 VOIDLESS

for void-free repair of board assemblies

The Ersa Hybrid Rework System HR 600/2 forms the base for the VOIDLESS Rework System

In modern electronic manufacturing, components are used whose solder pads are located on the underside of the component body. It is always possible that during the reflow process gas inclusions in the joints formed have occurred, the so-called voids, which can, especially in power electronic applications, cause premature field failures. Reworking the assembly is therefore inevitable, and just for this type of rework, the Ersa Hybrid Rework System HR 600/2 VOIDLESS has been developed.


What exactly are the abilities of the HR 600/2 VOIDLESS from Ersa? It is based on the powerful Hybrid Rework System HR 600/2, and its technology applied ensures that, during the rework process, voids in solder joints remain below 2%. It is even possible to minimize voids in solder joints that previously had been soldered. With the HR 600/2 VOIDLESS components such as BGA, MLF or SMT power components can be automatically desoldered and removed.


New components, printed with solder paste, are automatically placed and soldered. During the soldering process, the assembly is stimulated with vibrations. A frequency generator produces an oscillation in a defined frequency range. Via an amplifier, this signal is transmitted to a piezo stack actuator, which will couple the stimulated oscillation longitudinally into the printed circuit board. As a result, a relative movement takes place repeatedly between substrate and component, through which the gas enclosures are driven out of the solder joint. The rate of enclosures or voids after the rework will thus be drastically reduced. On assemblies which have shown during an x-ray analysis a high rate of voids, the selective reflow process on the HR 600/2 VOIDLESS substantially reduced the number of voids. Components and adjacent solder joints, as well as the durability of the solder joints itself, are not negatively affected by this process.


These features should raise the interest in the Ersa Hybrid Rework System HR 600/2 VOIDLESS of all those manufacturers of electronic products, who aim to achieve during the rework process a rate of voids below 2%.

Technical Highlights Ersa HR 600/2 VOIDLESS:

  • Based on the HR 600/2 Hybrid Rework System

  • Reduction of void on all components with hidden solder joints

  • Vibration-process time and power adjustable

  • Retroactive reduction of voids is possible