The new augmented reality tool allows via tablet 3D insights of the VERSAFLOW 4/55 and HR 600 Rework System without opening the machine covers


Equipment operators, service engineers, technicians or maintenance teams are in the position to view the complex and hidden machine parts and assemblies directly from the outside - without having to open the system enclosure. Through enlarging the individual components, the part numbers identifying the components are automatically displayed.


Inquiries about wear- and spare parts listed in the Ersa web shop can be made through tapping the touchscreen, and the parts required can directly be ordered from the web shop. Additional information, as for example installation- and maintenance instructions, process parameters and system settings as well as much other useful detail, is made available to the inquirer.


If Ersa IMAGESOFT is used online and connected to a system, the complete set of system parameters relating to its operating state is being recorded. The wear parts library automatically determines which components or parts need to be inspected or exchanged and in which time frame. By recording the barcodes of the parts exchanged, and by considering the utilization (uptime) of the system, the next service interval is calculated.


Access to the data stored is also possible when Ersa IMAGESOFT is offline.

Ersa IMAGESOFT integrates the „Industry 4.0“ connection as overall communication platform man-machine-assembly-parameter including feedback.


With Ersa IMAGESOFT it is possible, for the first time, to depict in a 3D-image – comparable to an x-ray picture – complex systems and system functions during operation (also possible without system), thereby making it comprehensible for virtually every person.


Ersa IMAGESOFT possesses, depending on the extension level, different application modes:


  • Level 1: Trade Shows/Events
    The functionality and the complexity of the system are demonstrated to interested visitors, without exhibiting the system itself or, in case the system is available, without having to open it.


  • Level 2: Sales
    The design, the functioning and the optional accessories can be demonstrated during sales consultations – no lengthy presentations or layout drawings are required.


  • Level 3: Training
    Ersa IMAGESOFT allows explaining in very short time the operation and the functioning of the system to an operator; Ersa IMAGESOFT is the perfect training tool.


  • Level 4: Maintenance
    During online operation, Ersa IMAGESOFT delivers info on all system sub-assemblies as well as maintenance info. Key figures of the system are also available via the library, and procurement of spare parts is possible via a web connection.


At productronica, Ersa IMAGESOFT, specifically extension levels 1 and 2, are presented live at booth A4.171.