ERSA SMARTFLOW 2020 -„Plug and Play“-Selective Soldering

Ersa SMARTFLOW2020 – The Plug’n‘Play selective soldering system. Compact in size, uncompromising in technology. The ideal entry into the technology of selective soldering

Connect, switch on, solder! With the SMARTFLOW 2020, presented for the first in Germany at the SMT in Nürnberg, Ersa has ideally complemented its world-wide leading portfolio of selective soldering systems. This semi-automatic system, with a footprint of less than 2, 5 m², can be optimally integrated into a production environment based on cell manufacturing. In all process steps, the SMARTFLOW 2020 works with the same proven Ersa selective soldering technology as the large VERSAFLOW systems, accepting no compromise in regards to quality and accuracy. The universal board carrier accepts assemblies of up to 508 x 508 mm. The fluxer performs with a high degree of accuracy and with the least amount of flux dispensed.


Features such as flux spray monitoring or the process camera ensure a high degree of process safety. As does the VERSAFLOW product family, the SMARTFLOW 2020 also offers a full-area preheater. The lower heater contains 8 IR emitters which can be activated in groups.  This allows adapting the output of the preheater to the actual amount of heat required by the assemblies. The upper heater is optimally aligned to the lower heater. This ensures an effective and reproducible penetration of the heat throughout the board, even on complex assemblies such as multi-layer or heavy mass boards.

The SMARTFLOW 2020 is delivered with the newly developed ERSASOFT 5 system software, which impresses through its user friendly interface and its modern visualization technology. System data and system information, individualized for a specific user, can be made available. A further highlight is the ”picture-in-picture” function, which, parallel and in combination with the process viewing camera, generates a life view of the solder process on the 24” touch monitor. This further improves the ergonomics and the handling of the system during setup and production. The SMARTFLOW 2020 – cost efficient, simple  to operate, delivering the highest level of quality – in all regards, it is the ideal entry into the technology of selective soldering.