Ersa VERSAFLEX – New dimensions in selective soldering

Innovative twin pot soldering module reduces cycle time to record low levels

Ersa VERSAFLOW 4/55 with the awarded VERSAFLEX module: Selective Soldering with highest flexibility and productivity
Ersa VERSAFLOW 4/55 with the awarded VERSAFLEX module: Selective Soldering with highest flexibility and productivity
Ersa VERSAFLEX, new dimensions in selective soldering: innovative twin pot soldering module reduces cycle time to record low levels
Ersa CAD Assistant 4: shortest cycle times due to offline-programming and optimizing wizard



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CAD Assistant 4

Wertheim/München, November 14, 2017

For years, Ersa has been the technological leader in selective soldering with its VERSAFLOW systems. The market leader is now taking things to the next level with the VERSAFLEX twin pot module, once again living up to its name as a worldwide leader!

With a degree of flexibility previously considered impossible, VERSAFLEX is setting new standards in selective soldering, providing its users with shorter cycle times yet with the familiar top soldering quality. The concept behind it: The two solder pots in this innovative twin soldering module, developed specially for the VERSAFLOW 4 selective soldering platform, are mounted on two independent axes and can be individually moved in x/y/z-direction. This allows the selective soldering system to be used in conventional parallel operation, but also in an asynchronous mode, so that the two pots work completely independently of one another. VERSAFLEX therefore generates enormous added value in production – by doubling the throughput in panel processing or reducing cycle times, for example when using various soldering alloys or nozzle geometries. This provides the user with economic benefits that pay off. In order to ensure that he one can really avail of them, the operating software offers convenient support in generating the soldering programme. Via the “cycle optimisation” function, the optimum soldering module route for the respective assembly can be automatically determined with the new CAD Assistant 4, and saved in the soldering programme. As this can all be done “offline”, the highest level of machine availability and therefore productivity is guaranteed.


CAD Assistant 4 – automatic cycle optimisation

The efficient generation of complex soldering programmes is vital for the optimum design of the production process. With the CAD Assistant 4 – compatible with VERSAFLEX – programmes are generated quickly and simply offline, while the system is operating. That’s how top-grade machine availability works! Data sets for the CNC axis systems are processed simply by drag & drop; pre-defined data sets are quickly adapted to the specific application; a plausibility check rules out errors. All the movements of the fluxer or soldering axis system are entered graphically on the board image, furnished with process data and checked by simulation, and are immediately available in the machine. The VERSAFLEX ULTRA software upgrade opens up maximum flexibility and further optimises processes with two pots, which move completely independently of one another in x/y/z-direction.


By means of autorouting, generating even complex soldering programmes is child’s play. The user simply indicates the points or lines to be fluxed or soldered and the routes are defined automatically and efficiently by the CAD Assistant 4. This latest generation of Ersa selective soldering system – the fourth – is rounded off with the prize-winning ERSASOFT 5 operating software with modern visuals and a user-oriented structure. Individual user interfaces show the necessary data and information to each user group directly. The new interface also offers convenience in process monitoring – modern picture-in-picture technology (PIP) provides a clear view of the soldering parameters and a live image for optimum control in every soldering process. Whatever you are planning in selective soldering, VERSAFLEX offers you the flexibility you need!