Ersa VERSAFLOW 4 XL: Think big!

Flexible Selective Soldering in new dimensions

Ersa VERSAFLOW 4 XL: Think in Big Boards up to 1,200 mm, fit for the future in selective soldering!
Ersa VERSAFLOW 4 XL: Think in Big Boards up to 1,200 mm, fit for selective soldering!
Ersa VERSAFLEX soldering module: individually adjustable solder pots in x/y/z-direction
Ersa flux module VERSAFLUX: up to four spraying heads on two independent axis systems


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VERSAFLOW selective soldering systems
CAD Assistant 4

Wertheim/Munich, November 14, 2017

Parallel to miniaturization there is a trend towards very large, highly integrated components for use in control centers, for example. Another growth market is LED lighting technology. The VERSAFLOW 4 XL enables a flexible production for each PCB size which combines highest quality and highest output – printed circuit board formats of up to 610 x 1,200 mm can be soldered efficiently and safely with it.


VERSAFLUX + VERSAFLEX = new freedom in fluxing + soldering


Two all-new solder modules available for the 4 XL open up completely new dimensions in selective soldering: The flux module VERSAFLUX is setting new benchmarks in terms of flexibility and throughput – here, up to four spraying heads can be installed on two completely independent axis systems. Application of the flux to the PCB is monitored by laser – resulting in a safe automated process. In addition to the bottom heating with infrared emitters, a top convection heater can also be configured for the preheating module of the VERSAFLOW 4 XL which guarantees efficient, safe and homogeneous heating of the assemblies, even with the most complex of boards. There is an optional preheat module available upstream of the flux module for the VERSAFLOW 4 XL. This option allows the gentle heating of heat-intensive assemblies to preheated final temperature after fluxing, protecting the flux from thermal decomposition.


With the VERSAFLEX module, the very latest Kurtz Ersa technology is being used in the solder module. As with the VERSAFLUX, two independent axis systems work here so that both pots can solder in synchronous or asynchronous operation. Up to two solder modules can be integrated in the VERSAFLOW 4 XL. The VERSAFLOW 4 XL incorporates an interesting feature for the processing of smaller boards with a maximum length of 330 mm. Thanks to an additional stopper in the flux, preheat and solder module, two assemblies can be processed simultaneously, thus doubling throughput. This does away with dual track conveyor systems. The complex machine movements are controlled using the intuitive operator software ERSASOFT 5. The modern and future-oriented CAD Assistant 4 is integrated in this software, which means complex programming of the solder parameters is a thing of the past.