German assembly developers meet in Bochum

Ersa talks about soldering processes in prototyping at KiCon Germany

In his lecture Ersa Area Sales Manager Manfred Wolff discussed the quality of solder joints
In his lecture Ersa Area Sales Manager Manfred Wolff discussed the quality of solder joints


KiCon Germany held its first conference on 04.10.19. It was all about KiCad, an open source software program for the development of electronic circuit boards. 35 interested people came to the Exzenterhaus in Bochum for an exchange. In various lectures, developers reported on their daily experiences and showed tricks in dealing with the software.

Of course, the development process also includes an electronic initial assembly. Ersa Area Sales Manager Manfred Wolff spoke about this in his lecture. Under the topic “Components, materials and soldering processes in prototyping” he presented various processes for solder paste application, placement and soldering. Ersa offers the appropriate tools for every soldering task. THT and simple SMD components can therefore be soldered with the powerful i-TOOL soldering iron, for example, due to the large selection of soldering tips. When it comes to hot-air soldering, the i-TOOL AIR S is a good choice, regardless of the suitable soldering tip, as it allows temperature and air volume to be adjusted very sensitively. BGAs and other complex LGA and QFN designs can be placed and precisely soldered with the software-controlled hybrid rework systems. The advantage of the Ersa HR technology is the soldering of high-pole components without the need to determine suitable soldering profiles beforehand.

The technical exchange was also not neglected in discussions and question rounds during the conference or the afterparty. Due to the success of the first event, additional intensive seminars, including theory and practical parts, are planned in 2020 to provide an information platform for assembly developers.


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