In-depth focus for the ERSA inspection software

ERSA inspection software

It has been for over a decade now, that over 3,000 users worldwide are benefiting from the ability to visually inspect hidden solder joints with the patented ERSASCOPE technology. Whether for inspection under Flip Chips or for inspection where other microscopes cannot see, ERSASCOPE technology offers a significant added value to any quality assurance program.


Well in time for the SMT trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany, Europe's largest manufacturer of soldering systems has equipped its inspection software with another two functions providing increased comfort and quality in the quality assurance process. 


The first one is the "Best Focus" feature allowing the ERSASCOPE user to very easily determine the optimum focus for any detail. This comes in especially useful if image details are to be measured. 


The second new feature provides for an improved representation and documentation of inspection results: By means of the "Focus Fusion" feature the software automatically generates an overall picture of the single images taken before. Focus Fusion provides excellent depth of focus - so each ball from an entire row of balls under a BGA, for example, is clear on the image. In this way soldering errors or irregular soldering joints are easy to spot. The inspection results of a high channel component are documented in only one image. 


Both functions are available as of the version 3.0 of the proven ImageDoc EXP inspection software. Existing ERSASCOPE users are offered a software update.