Interflux Danmark Open House Event

Brørup, Denmark, 24.05. - 25.05.2016
Open House at Interflux in Brørup, Denmark
Open House at Interflux in Brørup, Denmark
Open House at Interflux in Brørup, Denmark
Open House at Interflux in Brørup, Denmark

After the huge success of the fair at the Caravan Center two years ago, Leif Fenger has decided to organize a similar event this year. Encouraged by customer requests and proposals he added a series of lectures with 3 blocks of recent electronic manufacturing topics.


Concerning SMT, the lectures focused on the latest trends in component miniaturization and the challenge they mean for stencils and solder paste, as well as their meaning for inspection and printing processes in 2D and 3D. Furthermore, Tobias van Rossem lectured on the recent position selective soldering within the THT production process and its growth potential in the future. The theoretical part of the event was completed by a lecture focusing on the question of 2D or 3D inspection after the reflow soldering process.


The whole event was centered on the presentation of the product range of Interflux Denmark. Supported by its partners almost their whole portfolio could be examined. Ersa showed important parts of its comprehensive machines and tools range, among them:


VERSAFLOW 4/55 – the next generation inline selective soldering system for highest throughput and flexibility

SMARTFLOW 2020 – the stand alone selective soldering system for an easy entry in selective soldering

VERSAPRINT S1-3D – the inline solder paste printing system with integrated 100% 3D solder paste inspection (SPI)

HR 600/2 – 2nd generation of the automated hybrid rework system

ERSASCOPE – the high-end BGA inspection system


Besides products by Saki, like inspection systems, PVA dispensers, Autotronik placement systems, ASM placement units and solder paste printers as well as Interflux products as solder paste and flux were presented. Interflux Denmark as a sales house is the representative for Ersa machines and tools products for over 15 years now. Tobias van Rossem the Ersa sales representative for Denmark was very pleased with the two-day event, foreseeing a positive business year 2016.