International Sales Meeting 2015

More than 100 sales partners from all over the world were visiting with Ersa.

At the three day International Sales Meeting held by Ersa, much information related to the state of the markets, to technological road maps, new product development, newly enhanced features and marketing strategies was exchanged. Ersa’s Director of Sales Rainer Krauss had more than 100 attentive listeners from all over the world.

Wertheim, June 12,.2015
From June 8 – 11, the soldering specialist Ersa invited to  its international sales meeting, a recurrent event highly appreciated by its sales partners. In an increasingly digital world, the exchange of information on a one-to-one basis is again gaining in importance. This fact  is indeed very much recognized by the more than 100 international sales partners and colleagues from Ersa branch offices, who travelled to Wertheim from all over the world for those three days, from Chile to Norway, from Japan to South Africa,.


Following the bumper year 2014, all signs point to another year of continuing growth of Ersa, an expectation which provided a solid base for this year’s international sales meeting.  As in the previous years, the event organized by Ersa was intended to be far more than only an informative and social meeting. It also served to introduce new products and to showcase product enhancements across the full range of Ersa products and technology, as well as offering “hands-on” sessions and open and frank dialog.


The three, densely packed days provided a constructive base for intense discussions centering on establishing a strategy for ensuring continuous future growth. Of equal importance, though, were diversions during the talks into exploring new trends and technologies in the field of electronic manufacturing, on how to recognize these early on and how to successfully implement these findings worldwide, all the time keeping in mind specific regional demands and requirements.   


But despite the concentration on the business issues, Ersa took care to also provide an attractive cultural program for its visitors. An excursion on the Main, accompanied by live music, a beer garden party, and a visit to the Kurtz Ersa Hammer Museum including a blacksmith demonstration in the forge, all followed by dinner in the manor house - these activities were welcome interruptions of the strenuous daily work sessions . 


“We are aware of the fast pace of the world of electronics. This places increased importance on reflecting on your own origin – this we have done here at the Hammer Museum, the place of origin of Kurtz Ersa, where also the first electric solder iron of Ersa is on exhibit. “


All our sales partners as well as the complete Ersa team came out of this event full of enthusiasm and with renewed strength, ready to tackle the task of placing Ersa products on the worldwide market. “We excitedly look forward to the next international sales meeting, to be held in 2016”, remarks a satisfied Rainer Krauss, Ersa’s Director of Sales, in his closing statement of the 2015 meeting. He further pointed out that there will soon be another opportunity to meet – at the Productronica exhibition in Munich, the world’s largest exhibition for products for the electronic industry, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary this year.