Kurtz Ersa expands its presence in Mexico with the new Demo and Tech Center in Guadalajara


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Plymouth — Guadalajara November 18, 2016

With a new demonstration and technology center in Guadalajara, the Kurtz Ersa Corporation has expanded its presence in Mexico. At the opening ceremony on 17 November, it was all about the planned growth in Mexico. Kurtz Ersa Mexico, S.A. DE C.V. was established in 2013 as a subsidiary for sales and service of soldering systems, particle foam machines and foundry machines. With its main focus on such sectors as the automotive branch and electronics manufacturing, the subsidiary in Mexico was geared from the very beginning to exponential growth, and today has a twelve-member Sales & Service Team. On an area of more than 200 m2, Kurtz Ersa Mexico presents now in addition the entire spectrum of Ersa soldering systems to its customers and potential customers at the new Guadalajara location. “Due to the high potential of the Mexican market and the positive experiences in the last years the opening of our second facility in Mexico is more than legitimated – best thanks to our customers who made this possible,” said Kurtz Ersa CEO Rainer Kurtz who especially travelled to the opening ceremony.


During the official ceremony to dedicate the new demonstration and technology center in Mexico’s second largest city, regional and international partners and customers seized the opportunity to inspect the new Ersa systems from close quarters. And it was not just a question of looking: the Ersa machines displayed its scope of activities in live demonstration – the principal performers: the HOTFLOW 3/20 reflow soldering system, the VERSAFLOW 3/45 selective soldering system and the HR 600/2 rework system. The VERSAFLOW 3/45 continues to make a convincing impact in electronics manufacturing as the most-used in-line selective soldering plant with the highest degree of reproduction in the market. The new HR 600/2 is a highly-automated rework system which guarantees a totally reproducible process with the proven closed loop technology. And the HOTFLOW 3/20 offers outstanding heat transfer for different component assemblies with an ideal energy balance. Even before the official opening, technology seminars took place, in which process and application engineers showed new possibilities for the SMT und selective soldering process.


“With the new subsidiary in Guadalajara, we are in a position to act more swiftly on the Mexican market – with competent service from our local, Spanish-speaking colleagues. The central Ersa Mexico warehouse will also be located here in Guadalajara – as will the Ersa Demo Center and the general distribution,” said Kurtz North America Managing Director Albrecht Beck, who will manage the Mexican branch.