Sweden Technology Days - 2nd country seminar at Ersa

Second Ersa Country Technology Seminar with Swedish and Norwegian customers in Wertheim
Second Ersa Country Technology Seminar with Swedish and Norwegian customers in Wertheim
The breaks were also used for technology exchange at expert level
Participants of the second country technology seminar from Scandinavia visiting the Hammermuseum in Hasloch

Wertheim, 29.01.2019

The second Ersa Country Technology Seminar took place on 22 and 23 January - with 44 participants, mainly from Sweden and five from Norway. At the Scandinavian Get-together in Wertheim many good acquaintances met – even if you work for different companies, the Scandinavians rely on mutual visit and exchange and reciprocal support. Since the Scandinavian companies want to expand their presence in South America and Asia, there was great interest in the Kurtz Ersa branches in Mexico, Malaysia, China and above all in the recently opened location in Vietnam. By means of group presentations, the participants learned where Kurtz Ersa and Ersa GmbH currently stand – then it went to business in the technology seminar with technical presentations, which were practically underpinned with live videos from the participants. In the subsequent hands-on parts, challenges were simulated and insights were applied to make the company´s own electronics production even better in the future.

As a further highlight, the Swedish drive specialist Aros Electronics AB showed how highly complex boards can be produced fully automatically and with optimum productivity in a dual production line in quantities from one to 500 – including the forwarding of all production data from machine to machine and automatic modular adjustment of working width, fan speed, temperature setting and throughput speed to previous boards with reflow or selective soldering technology. “All participants were fascinated by the designs. Although many influences are known, the open implementation was fascinating and frightening for all participants at the same time, because every practitioner knows these challenges from the day-to-day business of electronics production – they all took valuable know-how with them for their own production,” said Ersa General Sales Manager Rainer Krauss. A further “hands on” with a focus on VERSAPRINT and selective soldering concluded the first day of the seminar, which was followed by an evening event in the historic Hammermuseum. Ersa Sales Manager Rainer Krauss, as a certified hammer operator, set the hydro-powered throw-up hammer in motion during a live demonstration. With a beat rate of up to 120 beats per minute – at around 1,000 kg each – the stamped floor vibrated under the feet of the enthusiastic visitors. The first day of the seminar ended with a joint dinner in the Schwarzer Bock on the opposite side with conversations and joint stories.

The next day began with a presentation by Interflux, Ersa Sweden´s representative for many years, about the optimised low-melting solder LMPA-Q6, which as a no-clean solder paste ensures high stability on the stencil with extremely low voiding and improved mechanical reliability. Day two was also packed with technical information, additional hands-on units and open discussions. The airport shuttle was ready to take all Scandinavian participants to the airport at 03:30 p.m. on the dot. However, they did not split up without defining the next date – the second Sweden Technology Seminar will take place in spring 2020 and will be hosted by a Swedish customer.