Volkswagen books technology seminar with Ersa


Wertheim, 13.02.2019

Whether driver assistance systems or infotainment – modern automobiles are full of electronics, and the trend continues to rise. Countless components must interlock seamlessly – it is becoming increasingly important for automobile manufacturers to create an automotive system that is as smart as it is robust. This already begins with electronics production - in order to develop a deeper understanding of this, Volkswagen AG sent nine employees to the two-day technology seminar at systems supplier Ersa in December 2018.

The first morning was devoted to the theoretical principles of wave soldering and selective soldering, relevant process parameters, layouts, error patterns, process windows and limits. In the afternoon, a “wave and selective practice block” followed in the adjacent Demo Center, as well as a hands-on part in the area of manual soldering. In the evening, the participants visited the Hammermuseum and hammer forge and had dinner in the manor house, where they got to know the historical origins of Kurtz Ersa. On the second day, the focus was on solder paste printing and reflow soldering, each of which was accompanied by a practice block. After a concluding discussion, the Volkswagen delegation travelled back to Wolfsburg – packed with lots of valuable soldering know-how.