Ersa Know-How Seminar: Reflow Soldering and Solder Paste Printing

Postponed. New dates coming soon.

Wertheim/Bestenheid, 09.12. - 10.12.2020

Reflow Soldering and
Solder Paste Printing

Dates 2020:
Postponed. New dates coming soon.

This two-day intensive course “Reflow soldering and solder paste printing of multi-pole SMT and QFN components” teaches theoretical and practical know-how on solder paste printing and reflow soldering, with the focus of these workshops being placed on practical applications.

Working in separate practical trainings, participants build up process-related knowledge through experiments on different systems, where all participants undergo the same practical training. The results of the solder paste printing are evaluated and assessed. In the subsequent reflow soldering, temperature profiles are initially determined before the test boards are soldered and visually inspected.

All further information can be found in our training catalogue.

Training catalog 2020 as PDF


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