ImageDoc v3

Article No.: 0VSID300
Professional Inspection Software with database function, including Reference-Picture- and Problem-Solution-Database.
Inspect - Categorize - Analyze - Document.

ImageDoc EXP v3
ImageDoc EXP v3
ImageDoc v3 Basic Mode
ImageDoc v3 Demo Database
ImageDoc EXP v3 FocusFusion
ImageDoc EXP v3 FocusFusion

Ersa ImageDoc v3 Inspection Software

  • Live- and still image window for check and documentation
  • "Snapshot"-function for rapid documentation
  • Video recording function
  • Extendable Reference Picture Database with good/bad examples
  • Extendable Problem/Solution Database
  • Inspection data files using SQL server technology
  • Extensive measuring function
  • Image processing and marking
  • Report function
  • FocusFusion function for assembling images of several focal settings
  • BestFocus function makes it easy finding the perfect focus setting
  • Direct access to Ersa Inspections Cameras for best image quality
  • Can be operated in Basic Mode with limited functionality or in EXP Mode with full functionality (requires additional EXP license)
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10


Special Upgrade prices from older versions ImageDoc 1.x (Basic) and ImageDoc EXP 2.x. Please contact your Ersa sales partner!


Questions about the product? Please find your personal contact here.

Technical Data

Visualize, Compare, Analyze and Document
Computer specification
Up-to-date PC with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. Intel Core i5 or higher, min. 4 GB RAM and SSD recommended. High quality monitor 20" or bigger with DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort connection recommended. See document "PC setup recommendation"

Available Versions

Full versions, licenses and upgrades

For detailed information please contact your Ersa dealer or Ersa Sales.

ImageDoc v3 Installation DVD
ImageDoc v3 Installation DVD

For Upgrade from v1.x / v2.x to v3 (Basic functionality)

Article No.: 0VSID300
ImageDoc v3 EXP License
ImageDoc v3 EXP License

Unlocks the full functionality of ImageDoc v3 (EXP Version)

Article No.: 0VSID300L
ImageDoc v3 Basic Version
ImageDoc v3 Basic Version

License for Basic Version, if no ImageDoc version present

Article No.: 0VSID3BC
ImageDoc v3 EXP Upgrade License
ImageDoc v3 EXP Upgrade License

Upgrade of an EXP License from v2 to v3

Article No.: 0VSIDXUP3

Activating ImageDoc EXP

ImageDoc v3 - Activating EXP functionality

For activating the full functionality of ImageDoc starting from v3.0.0.2993, and additional v3 EXP license has to be purchased. Hereby you buy a Purchase Key that allows a single activation of the EXP functionality at one computer. 


During the registration dialogue of ImageDoc EXP starting from v3.0.0.2993 there are two possibilities for activation:

  1. Register via Website, also for activation via separate computer or tablet. Returning users can log in ana administrate their registrations.
  2. Direct Online Activation via ImageDoc-Software. Therefor an Internet connection is required at the computer with the ImageDoc installation.


Please follow the instructions during the registration. More support can be found in the Readme files at the installation DVD or at the download package.


After activation the software installation is bound to the computer hardware. In case of the software should be installed at another hardware, please contact the Ersa Customer Service for a replacement Purchase Key for a new activation.


Ways to ImageDoc EXP v3.0.0.2993 and higher:

  1. Owners of ImageDoc EXP v3, but lower than v3.0.0.2993 can update to the latest version 3 free of charge. Please contact your Ersa Dealer or the Ersa Customer Service for receiving a download link and a replacement Purchase Key for the latest version.
  2. Owners of ImageDoc EXP v2.x version may upgrade to EXP v3 for a special price (see "Available Versions).
  3. Owners of ImageDoc v3 Basic version may buy an additional v3 EXP license.
  4. Owners of ImageDoc Basic v1.x may buy the v3 upgrade and the additional v3 EXP license.


In case of an older ImageDoc EXP v2.x, a lower version than v3.0.0.2993 or an IDView software has to be installed at another computer, then it requires a new activation at our previous registration server. In this case please contact the Ersa Customer Service.

Please have your original Purchase Key and your registration data ready. The old registration platform for this versions cannot be accessed from outside anymore unfortunately.



Downloads for discontinued products can be found here.