IR 550

Article No.: 0IR550A
Highly flexible IR Rework System with precise component placement

IR 550 Rework System (0IR550A)
IR 550 Rework System (0IR550A)


Ersa explains #4.1 – BGA desoldering

Ersa explains #4.2 – BGA pad preparation


Worldwide, thousands of customers
trust the Ersa IR 550 rework system!

  • 800 W heating head with aperture system
  • Homogeneous 800 W IR bottom heating
  • Medium wavelength Infrared spectrum for balanced, soft heating
  • Integrated "DIGITAL 2000 A" solder station
    for rework and removal of residual solder
  • Closed temperature control circuit with thermocouple or non-contact sensor
  • Intuitive operation with or without PC connection
  • Process control and documentation via the operator software IRSoft
  • Suitable for the use of the Dip&Print Station


The IR 550 rework system is available as a stand-alone version only.

The placement system PL 550 was discontinued in 12/2019.

Alternative products: HR 600, HR 550, HR 500.

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Technical Data

IR 550 Rework System
Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm
300 x 380 x 315
Weight in kg
Antistatic Design (y/n)
Power Rating in W
Nominal voltage in V AC
Upper heating
IR emitter 800 W
Lower heating
IR emitter 2 x 400 W
PCB size in mm
from 20 x 20 to ~ 300 x 340
Component size in mm
1 x 1 to 60 x 60
Keyboard or Windows PC
Test symbol


Flexible assembly unit repair

All types of SMD of 1 x 1 up to 40 x 40 mm can be processed. Flexible desoldering, placement and soldering of surface mounted devices (SMD), e.g. chips up to 0402, SOIC, MLF, CSP, µBGA, BGA, QFP, PLCC; plastic BGA components are a typical rework application for the IR 550 system; for QFP components an optional split optics cassette is available.

As nozzles are not required, even special components like shielding plates or plugs can be processed very well.

SMD components
BGA Graphic Processing Unit
SMD connector

Questions to your applications will be answered by our Ersa Experts.


Ersa recommends the following accessories:

Additional PCB Holder
Additional PCB Holder

for Ersa IR/PL 500 and IR/PL 650

Article No.: 0IR6500-17
Board Holder
Board Holder

Article No.: 0PH360
Flexpoint TC Holder
Flexpoint TC Holder

for AccuTC thermocouple

Article No.: 0IR5500-35
Micro-Pickup Type 0510
Micro-Pickup Type 0510

Metallic Micro-Nozzle 0.9 mm with Silicone Suction Cup 1 mm

Article No.: 0IR5500-40 + 0IR4520-07

Additional products

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Available Versions

The following product versions or modules are available:

IR 550 Rework System
IR 550 Rework System

Article No.: 0IR550A
Reflow process camera RPC 500
Reflow process camera RPC 500

Camera with 70x magnification