Qualification and Trainings

Perfectly tailored to your needs

Common aim: Ersa and AVLE
in-house know-how platform: Kurtz Ersa Hammer Academy

Electronics manufacturing is developing at an extremely dynamic rate – in order to hold its own in global competition, your production requires qualified staff in every position. With thousands of satisfied participants, the Ersa Know-How Seminar series has become firmly established and is used intensively by companies in the industry to specifically enhance employee qualifications. Be it seminars on know-how, process technology or individual Technology Days – Ersa offers a perfectly tailored knowledge transfer with formats suitable for everyday practice.

As a certified training facility, Ersa trains qualified hand soldering specialists to uniform standards, in cooperation with the “Ausbildungsverbund Löttechnik Elektronik” (AVLE) training association. Intensive, multi-stage courses leading to the “Soldering Licence” soldering certificate convey theoretical and practical knowledge and skills which reduce costs in practice and help to avoid errors in soldering, desoldering or reworking. What are your qualification requirements?