Measuring board Reflow V5

Ideal and versatile instrument for process recording

Measuring board Reflow V5
Measuring board Reflow V5


  • Recording of the cross profiles and gradients over the entire transport length and width
  • „„Measuring of thermal zone separation as well as atmospheric temperature
  • „„Recording of the complete energy input of the system as a basis for evaluating the process capability of a flat module and comparison of the different soldering systems


The measuring board Reflow V5 and measuring electronics PTP® make an ideal and versatile instrument for process recording, analysis and optimisation available. The measuring board Reflow V5 has eight thermocouples of the highest accuracy class. These are placed permanently stable on specially designed measuring fields. The measuring board Reflow V5 is used to check the system parameters as well as their optimisation in the soldering system.

Technical highlights

  • „„For oven and process control
  • Ref. ISO EN 9001:2000
  • For lead-free processes optimized
  • 8 K-Type Inconel® sheathed thermocouples class 1
  • Standard size 300x270mm [WxL]
  • Size customized variabel
  • ISO EN 584 miniature connectors
  • Determination of the cross profiles
  • Determination thermal separation
  • Determination atmospheric temperatures
  • Determination influence bottom heater
  • Calculating slopes (preheat/cooling)
  • Calculating temperature differences between profiles
  • Identifying efficiency heat transfer
  • Prepared for PTP®  Shuttle use

Technical data

Temperature measurement

  • Measuring range: -150 bis 1.350 °C
  • Measuring accuracy: +/-0,5 °C
  • Resolution: 0,1 °C
  • Measuring interval: 0,1 s bis 2 s
  • Measuring range: 8 channels for Ni/CrN

Dimensions PTP® electronic transmitter

  • Width: 86 mm
  • Length: 86 mm
  • Height: 23 mm

Dimensions measuring board

  • Length: 390 mm
  • Width: 300 mm
  • Height: 14 mm

Dimensions thermal protection box

  • Length: 211 mm
  • Width: 101 mm
  • Height: 30 bis 33 mm

Receptacle for thermal protection box

  • Length: 224 mm
  • Width: 101 mm
  • Width adjustable up to: 310 mm
  • Height above pin chain:  25 mm

Further services

  • Customer-specific measuring boards
  • Customer-specific software features