CAD Assistant 4

Ersa solder program creation of the future: fast, safe and intuitive on the basis of 3D files of PCBs.

3D view of a single PCB
3D view of a single PCB
CAD data such as ODB++ files provide detailed information on PCB and components
Automatic division of the single jobs to the individual modules, autorouting function and real-time simulation assure optimized, zero-error sequences at highest soldering quality
Automated programming by using innovative template libraries

Highlights Ersa CAD Assistant 4

  • Intuitive and automated offline programming with graphical user interface and template library
  • Import of CAD data (ODB++, IPC 2581, GenCAD) or pictures (.jpg, .bmp, .png, .tif, .gif)
  • Automatic and optimized division of the fluxing and soldering programs to the individual modules
  • Support of modules with two independent axis systems (VERSAFLEX and VERSAFLUX)
  • Autorouting optimizes sequences and cycle times
  • Real-time process simulation and definition of exclusion areas
  • All in one: CAD Asssistant 4 integrated in the ERSASOFT 5 machine software


… CAD Assistant 4

Ersa’s solder program editor CAD Assistant 4 makes programming a fast, intuitive and comfortable thing. It enables programming offline, while the machine is running. These programs can be used without any detours directly on the machine because of the full integration with the operating software of the machine, ERSASOFT 5.

CAD Assistant 4 also supports the programming of modules with two independent axis systems (VERSAFLUX and VERSAFLEX). The data sets – in the software presented as so called widgets – are edited with a simple “drag and drop”. Predefined widgets can be easily adapted to the current application. A plausibility test supports the programmer to avoid mistakes.

With the CAD Assistant 4, CAD data or pictures can be used to program the board. A real-time simulation run tests the program data for any errors. Moreover, the CAD Assistant 4 offers an autorouting function that will calculate the fastest soldering program using the algorithms of the travelling salesman principle.



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