VERSASCAN Board Examination

VERSASCAN module recognizes multi-codes - by Bad Board Detection reject parts are detected and not further processed. That saves valuable production time and increases capacity.

Ersa VERSASCAN - board examination system
Ersa VERSASCAN - board examination system
Recognition of components
Recognition of components
Creation of a library

The VERSASCAN module consists of a stable powder-coated, welded base frame, control cabinet, cover with glas door and a width-adjustable pin and chain conveyor. The X-Y axis system with integrated camera unit enables the recognition of up to 9 multi-codes as well as Bad Board recognition and the PCB direction. By Bad Board Detection, reject parts are detected and not further processed.


A faulty PCB is neither fluxed nor heated and soldered. This saves valuable production time and maximizes throughput. The saved flux, solder and energy lead to a reduction of unit costs. The high-resolution camera of the component recognition takes a picture of the PCB and compares it to a reference image.


Following points are being checked:

  • Completeness of the components placement on the board
  • Correct placement of components
  • Orientation of components


Faults like missing components or misplaced components can be corrected before soldering, which saves rework costs and reduces rejects.

Highlights VERSASCAN

  • „Separate module fastened to the machine frame
  • „Recognition of multicodes on PCBs and work piece carriers
  • „Detection of Bad Boards (9 barcodes)
  • „PCB direction recognition
  • „Detection of incompletely assembled PCBs
  • „Detection of components with wrong polarization
  • „Detection of misplaced components
  • „Vision and reading system can be integrated above or beneath the conveyor level



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