Being perfectly looked after

... when subscribing to the service packages from Ersa

Ramp-up Support

Through the technical support in handling the system and through active support in finding the optimal process parameters for our customers products, our ramp-up support shortens the time it needs to take a newly installed system into production.


Process Support

Our process support has the specific purpose to assist our customers when they experience process difficulties with a specific product or product group on their soldering system.


Equipment and Process Audit

The Ersa equipment and process audit encompasses a holistic analysis of the soldering process, with the ultimate purpose to raise the quality level of the manufacturing process. Potential sources of defects, which have an impact on the soldering process and can lead to solder defects, will be localized and identified.


Training Courses / Education

Offered are standardized as well as individual training courses for all Ersa wave, reflow and selective soldering systems as well as for printers, process technology and process optimization. They are aimed at equipment operators, technicians with responsibility for a process, maintenance and quality assurance staff and production planning and product development engineers.