Solder wire L-Sn96,5Ag3,5

3,5 % flux core, halogen free
melting point 221 °C


Solder wire L-Sn96,5Ag3,5


DIN EN 29454 art. 1, type 1.1.3B or DIN EN 61190 -1-3 ROL0 3.5 % flux core, halogen-free.

Melting point 221 °C


Low-residue, halogen-free No-Clean solder wire. Especially adapted to the requirements in electronics production. The flux stands out by high temperature resistance, and it does not spray while melting. The light, solid flux residues are neither corrosive nor electrically conductive. Consequently it is not necessary to remove them from the solder joint.


Technical Data

Flux make (y/n)


Article number

weigth in Kg

wire diameter

003MM0100LF60 0,100 0,3 mm
005MM0100LF60 0,100 0,5 mm
007MM0250LF60 0,250 0,7 mm
010MM0250LF60 0,250 1,0 mm
010MM0500LF60 0,500 1,0 mm