Electronic station for i-CON 1


Solder station i-CON 1


Innovative solution for intelligent hand soldering. Ersa has succeeded in designing one of the smallest, lightest and most powerful soldering irons in the world - the Ersa i-TOOL. The true value added for our customers lies not only in the fact that it will increase both the hand soldering quality and productivity, but also that it can realize a tremendous reduction in operational costs associated with manual soldering. Ersa´s new patent pending technology allows for a similar performance as compared to the soldering irons with expensive heating cartridge tips, but offers a standard low-cost, long-life exchangeable tip! The Ersa i-CON advanced digital power supply offers Ersa´s new "One Touch" easy-to-use operation with the new i-Op Control, as well numerous value added functions.


The station consists of an electronic station (0IC103A) with power cord (3K120KR053075), a soldering iron i-TOOL (0100CDJ) with an ERSADUR longlife soldering tip (0102CDLF16) and a holder (0A48)

Technical Data

Power Rating in W
Vers.Sp. (V)
Secondary voltage in V
Temperature range in °C
150 - 450
Antistatic Design (y/n)
Digital display (y/n)
Weight in kg


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