Electronic station for i-CON 1, with interface


Solder station i-CON 1 C with COM Port

Innovative solution for intelligent hand soldering & fume extraction


Ersa has succeeded in designing one of the smallest, lightest and most powerful soldering irons in the world - the Ersa i-TOOL. The true value added for our customers lies not only in the fact that it will increase both the hand soldering quality and productivity, but also that it can realize a tremendous reduction in operational costs associated with manual soldering. Ersa´s new patent pending technology allows for a similar performance as compared to the soldering irons with expensive heating cartridge tips, but offers a standard low-cost, long-life exchangeable tip! The Ersa i-CON advanced digital power supply offers Ersa´s new "One Touch" easy-to-use operation with the new i-Op Control, as well numerous value added functions.


An ergonomically designed and healthy workbench offers the best environment for maximum productivity. Ersa now combines "intelligent" hand soldering with "intelligent" solder fume extraction. The new i-CON C has a d- Sub connector for direct connection Ersa´s EasyArm fume extraction systems. When using the i-CON C with the Ersa EA 110 plus i unit, the fume extractor is connected to the motion sensor integrated into the i-TOOL soldering iron. This means that the fiter system is running only when the iron is in use. This greatly increases the lifetime of the fi lter and saves energy costs. The i-CON C can also be used in connection with soldering robot machines and applications.


The station consists of an electronic station (0IC103A) with power cord (3K120KR053075), a soldering iron i-TOOL (0100CDJ) with an ERSADUR longlife soldering tip (0102CDLF16) and a holder (0A48).

Technical Data

Power Rating in W
Vers.Sp. (V)
Secondary voltage in V
Temperature range in °C
150 - 450
Antistatic Design (y/n)
Digital display (y/n)
Weight in kg


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