SOLDER SMART Soldering Robot

Article No.: 0SR500
Ersa SR 500 - automatic iron soldering.

Ersa SOLDER SMART: robot for automatic iron soldering
Ersa SOLDER SMART: robot for automatic iron soldering
Soldering applications in the SOLDER SMART drawers
Powerful i-TOOL with defined solder wire feeder
Precise, easily programmable axis system

Precise, automatic iron soldering with highest precision!

The Ersa SOLDER SMART SR 500 works with the powerful i-TOOL, which has proven itself a thousand times over. Its heating power of 150 W allows fast soldering processes with stable soldering temperature and the use of very fine soldering tips (from 0.4 mm) up to 5 mm wide tips and more!

Technical highlights:

  • High-quality 150 W soldering iron Ersa i-TOOL
  • Axis accuracy +/- 0.02 mm
  • Automatic soldering tip measurement (height)
  • Spot soldering & line soldering - drag soldering
  • Flow soldering - soldering with pre-soldered soldering tip
  • Electric soldering iron feed = no mechanical stress for the PCB
  • Automatic loading of soldering programs with optional hand scanner
  • Precise, reliable solder wire feeder
  • Complete process monitoring, built-in PC, software pre-installed

Technical Data

Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm
880 x 880 x 830 mm (with hood)
Weight in kg
approx. 100 kg
Antistatic Design (y/n)
yes (hood not antistatic)
Power Rating in W
max. 1,500
Supply voltage
200-230 V / 50-60 Hz, 6A
Soldering system
Ersa i-CON 1 with 150 W soldering iron
Component size in mm
all common THT components
Work surface
500 x 400 mm (without drawers)
Work surface (per drawer)
approx. 240 x 382
5 MP USB color camera, resolution 2,592 x 1,944 px
Test symbol
Operating software
suitable for Windows 8 and Windows 10