Stencil printer with integrated post print AOI and triple split conveyor for 100% post-print inspection at line speed.

Stencil Printer Ersa VERSAPRINT P1
Stencil Printer Ersa VERSAPRINT P1


Ersa Stencil & Screen Printer Versaprint P1


Highlights Stencil Printer VERSAPRINT P1-2D

  • Superior print and SPI inspection for inline manufacturing
  • Very fast 100% solder paste inspection (SPI) through parallel processing of print and inspection cycle
  • Very fast set-up through line scan camera
  • Simplest operation and user interface as per SEMI-Standard
  • Closed-loop squeegee head
  • Automatic cleaning of underside of stencil
  • Flexible stencil mount up to 740 mm
  • Options and required features can be easily configured and retrofitted
  • Closed-loop function to the downstream 3D-SPI


  • Dispenser for print media on the stencil
  • Dispenser for glue or solder paste on the substrate
  • Solder paste height control - stencil
  • Retractable over-top clamping
  • Temperature control
  • Data Matrix Code recognition - upper and lower side
  • Set-up verification
  • Support systems: VarioGrid, GridLok and Quik-Tool
  • Closed-loop printer - 3D-SPI



The VERSAPRINT P1-2D is an inline stencil printer which distinguishes itself through its simple operation and its simple structure. It is of modular design and can, depending on the applications, be configured as required. The highlight of this printer is the integrated 100% print inspection feature, which is performed in parallel to the printing process.

Configuration of the basic system

  • Patented Line-Scan-Technology (LIST) for substrate orientation and inspection
  • Simplest program generation through full-area scanning of the substrate
  • Recognition of synthetic fiducial marks or random geometries
  • Diffuse and direct camera illumination for optimal recognition and orientation of the substrate
  • Two independent, free-floating print heads
  • Programmable print head with closed control system
  • Pneumatic Clamping of the squeegee prevents loosening during production
  • Substrate fixation through over-top and y-clamping, interwoven substrate are clamped securely, too
  • Motorized conveyor width adjustment, programmable via software, standard is front rail fixed
  • Conveyor direction freely selectable, standard is left-right, left-left, optional: right-left, right-right
  • Flexible stencil mount for different sizes, no adapter required
  • Substrate support through magnetic pins and magnetic blocks
  • Windows 7, 19"-TFT-Monitor; system programs and SPC-Data can be administered in the network
  • SPC-Data is graphically displayed for the viewer and stored on the hard disc

AOI - Automatical Optical Inspection

  • Integrated post pint control parallel to the printing process - 100 % inspection at line speed
  • Very simple programming of the area to be inspected through the overview images of the substrate on the monitor
  • Definition of areas with different sensitivity settings
  • Post print control of the substrate for printing on the pads and for bridging between pads
  • Inspection of the stencil for clogging of the openings and for smearing
  • Display of the errors on the monitor for easy verification through the operator
  • Automatic cleaning cycle after errors found during stencil inspection
  • Speed of the inspection: 9.100 mm²/s (width: 260 x 35 mm/s)
  • SPC-Data acquisition

Stencil cleaner

  • Stencil underside cleaning with controlled motorized paper advance
  • Modes "Dry", "Wet" and "Vacuum" freely programmable
  • Wetting of the cleaning paper through a movable dispenser with adjustable flow volume and speed
  • Vacuum strip in different length available: 250 / 380 / 500 / 560 mm


Technical Data

Substrate size (X x Y)
  • min. 50 x 50 mm
  • max. 460 x 460 mm
Substrate thickness 0,5-6 mm
Component clearance 0-30 mm
Stencil size
  • min. 450 x 450 mm
  • max. 737 x 737 mm
    both adjustable without adaptor
Print head Two independent print heads with continuous control of the squeegee force and the squeegee depth
Squeegee force 0-200 N
Camera 2 line scan cameras to align and inspect substrate and stencil
Accuracy of repeatability 12,5 µm @ 6 Sigma
Print accuracy 25 µm @ 6 Sigma
Cycle time Less than 10 s + print
Time to set-up Less than 10 min
Product changeover Less than 2 min
Graphical User Interface
(width x heigt x depth)
SEMI-Standard E95-1101 
(1.500 x 1.770 x 1.600 mm)