Kurtz Ersa at FAKUMA for the first time!

THERMO SELECT process for adhesive-bonded parts – the Kurtz Ersa innovation at the Krallmann fair stand

Kurtz Ersa THERMO FOAMER – integrates thermoplastic parts directly into the foaming process of the shape moulding machines
Kurtz Ersa THERMO FOAMER – integrates thermoplastic parts directly into the foaming process of the shape moulding machines

In addition, visit our 2017 Kurtz Ersa Moulding Machines in-house exhibition and experience the Kurtz Ersa THERMO FOAMER at first hand, as well as many further impressive machinery demonstrations and VR solutions in times of IoT. The in-house exhibition is taking place from 16 to 17 November, 2017 in the Kurtz Ersa engineering works in Kreuzwertheim-Wiebelbach. Please register under the following link: www.hausmesse.pfm.kurtzersa.de. Here you will find further information on the programme for the day and the range of talks.

Kreuzwertheim, October 9, 2017

At the 25th jubilee of FAKUMA, the international trade fair for plastics processing, Kurtz Ersa is to be present at the fair in Friedrichshafen for the first time. With a range of innovative technologies, the manufacturer of machinery for processing particle foam is presenting itself at its cooperation partner Krallmann’s stand 7508 in Halle A7. As an innovative highlight, Kurtz Ersa is demonstrating the new THERMO SELECT process to the specialist public. Classic injection moulding can be linked with a new foaming process. The new Kurtz Ersa THERMO FOAMER combined with a segmented tempered M-Tec mould of the company T. Michel, Lautert makes it possible. The many advantages offered by THERMO SELECT: high part and surface quality, low steam consumption, textured surfaces, closed-loop cooling systems and drastically reduced utility infrastructure. A number of sample parts on display allow visitors to FAKUMA to see for themselves the benefits of the THERMO SELECT process for lightweight construction.


In the marriage of foaming and injection moulding, THERMO SELECT serves as a foaming process upstream from the injection moulding with the aim of enabling a firm, adhesive-like bond between particle foam and thermoplastic components (without the use of adhesives). The presentation at FAKUMA is supported by a 3D animation. The Kurtz Ersa experts would be pleased to explain all the technical details and application possibilities of the THERMO SELECT process.


To facilitate immediate automated quality control of the particle moulded parts, the Kurtz Ersa THERMO FOAMER can be augmented with a robot which carries out gravimetric analysis, optical measurement and, if required, bar code issue. This can be followed by further surface finishing in an injection moulding machine in which particle foam parts and thermoplastic are well bonded and oversprayed with elastomer. The target group is primarily the automobile industry with its high requirements in terms of surface structures and dimensional accuracy. The composite injection moulding process is also of interest for injection moulders in other industries such as the medical or packaging industry. Make a note of FAKUMA in your calendar and come along and meet Kurtz Ersa between 17 and 21 October at the Krallmann stand, A7-7508. We look forward to seeing you there!