Kurtz Process optimisation – Benchmark for particle foam processing!

Kurtz GmbH is presenting three systems at K which revolutionise the foam process of shape moulding machines!

Kurtz Process Optimiser 4.0 – for automatic optimisation of the foaming process
Kurtz Process Optimiser 4.0 – for automatic optimisation of the foaming process
Kurtz Eject Control 4.0 – optic demoulding monitoring

Kreuzwertheim/Düsseldorf, October 19, 2016

Kurtz process optimisation makes production processes more energy efficient, economical and reliable. For the first time, the world market leader in the area of particle foam machines is presenting its three top products at K 2016 in Düsseldorf, thus smoothing the way for Industry 4.0 production.


The Kurtz Process Optimiser 4.0 is a system which determines variables directly from the process itself. After just two trial shots, the system adjusts itself and defines the necessary parameters to ensure optimum process settings. The Process Optimiser 4.0 from Kurtz can operate regardless of the materials and moulds used, and is therefore the perfect assistant for automated machine operation. Result: optimised energy consumption, high reproducible quality. The Kurtz Eject Control 4.0 helps identify non-demoulded parts. Optic control is carried out using a camera which automatically adapts to the ambient lighting. The benefits of camera monitoring via Eject Control 4.0 are obvious: Reduction of rejects, avoidance of damage to the moulds and reduced machine downtime.


The third process assistant is the Kurtz Motion Optimiser 4.0 for hydraulic settings automatically adapted to the moulds. With precise gap positioning of just +/- 0.1 mm, this system optimises the movement of the shape moulding machines. The hydraulics automatically determine the ideal settings. This saves on raw material and prevents premature wear and tear on the guiding elements. Find out more about the three Kurtz process optimisers at K 2016 in Düsseldorf. Call on the Kurtz stand, B27 in Hall 13 – our Kurtz process experts are looking forward to seeing you!


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