Successful cooperation with adidas is being expanded further

Kurtz Ersa is important project partner for SPEED FACTORY

Insight from the tool of the Kurtz BOOST FOAMER
Insight from the tool of the Kurtz BOOST FOAMER

Kreuzwertheim, October 28, 2016

Launched in December 2015, the adidas pilot project SPEEDFACTORY is in full swing. Already in 2017 the production of high-quality running shoes is planned to go into serial production. The opening of fully automated production plants worldwide will allow to produce running shoes directly in the particular sales market in future. With the SPEEDFACTORY adidas´ aim is to produce highly functional sports equipment in a significantly shorter time on the spot. The soles with its higher energy return, comfort and responsiveness is the result of intensive research and tests. In close cooperation with adidas and BASF the Kurtz Ersa Team was successful in developing a safe and repeatable production process at increased productivity and higher energy efficiency. For these ambitious requirements and targets called for by adidas, Kurtz Ersa made the shape moulding machine BOOST FOAMER available, which, as first machine ever, realizes a proven and optimized process for the processing of Infinergy® material in serial production. Special filling technologies and steaming variations ensure a safe production notwithstanding the very tight processing window.


Kurtz Ersa, located in the northernmost part of Bavaria, is world market leader for the production of machines for the processing of particle foam materials. It is Kurtz Ersa´s main concern to support and push forward innovative projects and software solutions towards Industry 4.0. On the world´s No. 1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber, K 2016, which took place in Dusseldorf from 19 – 26 October under the motto AHEAD COMPLETE GLOBAL, Kurtz Ersa presented some of their innovations simplifying the handling, maintenance and monitoring of machines optimizing the complete production process. Kurtz Ersa is very proud of having contributed significantly to the production of complete soles in the adidas SPEEDFACTORY.


The automated, decentralized and flexible production process for the pilot production of BOOST shoes in Ansbach, Germany. Additionally, this project has a very positive effect on the environment: transport emissions are diminished and the use of adhesives could be drastically reduced. Mr. Rothaug, Kurtz director and CTO of the Kurtz Ersa Group is pleased: „Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture. All business segments of the Kurtz Ersa Group constantly evidence their production processes with concrete targets for improvements under the aspect of sustainability. With the SPEEDFACTORY project the Kurtz GmbH considerably contributed to realize a shoe production at site at the end customer. A fact, we are very proud of.“