Foam Expo Europe & Automotive Interiors Expo

Stuttgart, Germany, 09.11. - 11.11.2021

The events, taking place 9-11 November, 2021, in Stuttgart will offer synergies for applications across the automotive, aviation, construction, and sports and leisure industries, establishing a superior range of opportunities for key application industries seeking to utilise advanced materials and technology.


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Foam Expo Europe: booth 645

Automotive Interiors Expo: booth A4010


At the Kurtz booth you can especially look forward to more information about the THERMO SELECT process and the new RF technology! Booth are extremely efficient processes.


The THERMO SELECT process is based on a closed cooling system with Variotherm Technology, where the molds of the moulding machine are preheated and kept at temperature. As a result, the Kurtz THERMO FOAMER operates much more energy-efficient than other automatic moulding machines and realizes up to 80% lower steam consumption. The THERMO SELECT process represents a quantum leap in lightweight construction. Moulded parts made with it look great thanks to attractive surface designs – and are up to 60% lighter compared to injection moulded parts! 


The revolutionary RF technology makes the fusion of particle foams without steam a reality! There is no need for complex media installation – in other words, no steam generation system or cooling tower installation with water basin is required. With the Kurtz WAVE FOAMER, high-temperature resistant particle foams with fusion temperatures of up to 250 °C can be processed.

In addition, a recycling rate of up to 100% has already been achieved for EPS. Now with the revolutionary Kurtz RF technology, perfect core fusion can be achieved using electromagnetic waves – and energy costs can be saved at the same time: At EPS we are talking about energy savings of up to 90%!


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