Düsseldorf, Germany, 25.06. - 29.06.2019

Kurtz celebrates anniversary at GIFA 2019

The Kurtz Foundry Machines will be on show with two highlight exhibits. You can look forward to an Kurtz low-pressure casting machine and, in keeping with the 10th anniversary of the Kurtz trimming presses, to a press with slideing-tilting table in live operation.


Kurtz will also be presenting its extensive range of process technologies to foundries, enriched by a brand new software solution that will help ensure your system availability. You can look forward to new developments in the field of low-pressure casting and deburring technology - so don't miss it!


More about Kurtz' trade show highlights.


Come to GIFA in Düsseldorf and visit the Kurtz Foundry Machines in hall 16/A57.


Over 35 years of Kurtz Foundry Machines are an announcement. 2019 we celebrate 10 years of Kurtz trimming technology - celebrate with us at GIFA 2019!