AK 10

Gravity Casting Machine fully equipped

Kurtz AK 10
Kurtz AK 10
1. clamping unit; 2. ejector core puller; 3. clamping unit fixed with ejector core puller; 4. core puller bottom; 5. core pullers sideways; 6. clamping unit top; 7. ejector core puller top

Real Advantages and Equipment

On the whole, gravity casting is the classical casting process. Practiced for thousands of years, it still has potential for improvement. Kurtz has developed a machine concept especially for jobbing foundries. Due to modular machine design this concept can be universally employed.


What is needed is flexibility with respect to the most varied castings. A conversion must be possible without great effort. And Kurtz machines easily meet these requirements. By adding core pulls and additional closing units, the basic machine is even suitable for the demands of highly complex castings.


Benefit from the advantages of the
Kurtz Gravity Casting Machines: 

  • Freely programmable control
  • Recipe management to store machine and process data
  • Solid machine design for harsh foundry conditions
  • Modular machine design: closing units, ejectors and core pulls are interchangeable
  • Continuous adjustment of all units available as option
  • Precise guiding of mould segments & high closing forces
  • Hydraulics with pressure and flow rate controlled pumps
  • Optimum accessibility
  • Hydraulic manual lever control or freely programmable microprocessor control with display and operator guidance


There is a special advantage of all Kurtz Gravity Casting Machines:
add-on parts can be exchanged between both machine types.

Technical data

 Kurtz Gravity Casting Machine
AK 10
Free area without core pulls 1,000 x
800 mm
Opening between open clamping plates 1,660 mm