AK 01 Complete solution

Complete casting cell with two Tiltable Gravity Casting Machines, holding furnace, casting robot and cooling technology

Gravity casting cell for cylinder head production
Gravity casting cell for cylinder head production

Gravity Casting Plants, Handling and more

Kurtz provides tiltable gravity and gravity casting machines which are available as single machine or turnkey complete solutions/complete casting cells. The flexible machine concept is easily adaptable to different customer requirements: low cost or high tech versions, maximum flexibility for frequent product changes or individual customized solutions.


Focus on core and part handling

Apart from automated casting processes the focus is on core and part handling. Additional features and peripherals are realized subject to requirement. Servo-hydraulic, i.e. controlled, casting machines are used for tiltable gravity casting with robot. The free programming of both robot and casting machine is absolutely quick and easy; as robot and casting machine must run synchronously to obtain high-quality castings.


The Kurtz casting machine division acts as one-stop supplier: The customer can expect complete solutions from one source - from casting and process development through the steps mould making, installation of the machine on site, mould start-up and training. In short: Kurtz takes responsibility as a general contractor.




Supply Scope
  • Holding furnaces
  • Casting machines
  • Handling system/manipulators for castings and sand cores
  • Robot for dosing and pouring
    melt into the machine
  • Core grabber/grabber system
  • Peripherals for robot
  • Casting spoon
  • Freely programmable casting cell control
  • Conveyor systems for casting
  • Cooling technology
  • Heating technology for casting spoon and die