Modern welding plant

Each welding seam fits perfectly!

Welded construction - steam distributor
Welded construction - steam distributor
Welded construction - steam chamber
Welded construction - steam chamber

Our modern welding plant permits the welding of single parts up to complete components. Using MAG (metal active gas welding), MIG (gas-shielded metal inert gas welding) and WIG (tungsten welding), we produce high-grade welded components for a large number of industries.


Our customers rightly set high quality standards for the execution of our welding jobs. But we go a step further: We support you in the design of your construction as regards the optimisation of welded parts. We cooperate with certified welders to comply with your demand for quality and safety. Immediate response to possible alterations of your parts is our business.

Welding shop

Welding processes     Certified welders
  • E (111)
  • WIG (141)
  • MAG (135)
  • MIG (131)
  • DIN EN ISO 9606-1
  • DIN EN ISO 15614-1

The certifications cover sheet-metal working and pipework.