Leisure & Sports


The THERMO SELECT process of the Kurtz Ersa THERMO FOAMER serves in connection with injecton moulding as an upstream foaming process with the aim of enabling a firm, adhesive-like bond between particle foam and thermoplastic components (without the use of adhesives).

The many advantages offered by THERMO SELECT: high part and surface quality, low steam consumption, textured surfaces, closed-loop cooling systems and drastically reduced utility infrastructure. Fields of applications can be found in the automobile, medical or packaging industry.


Bicycle helmets

Modern bicycle helmets protect the head, can easily be adjusted and are comfortable. The production of modern helmets presents much of a challenge for the producers. Kurtz has the necessary know-how and offers the perfect equipment to secure an efficient production. Most of the bicycle helmets offered worldwide are produced on Kurtz Shape Moulding Machines.



Infinergy® (E-TPU)

Infinergy® from BASF SE is the worldwide first expanded TPU (E-TPU). This new material is flexible like rubber, elastic and light as a feather. It combines the characteristics of TPU with the advantages of particle foams, standing out by low density, high elasticity, perfect resilience, high abrasion resistance, good chemical resistance, long-term loading capacity and excellent tensile strength in a wide temperature range.


With the Kurtz ENERGY FOAMER we have developed a machine especially for this material that produces revolutionary products for a Global Player for the whole world market.