Cutting Plants for EPS sheet cutting

Fast, precise and efficient.

Kurtz PRO LINE Sheet Cutting Plant
Kurtz PRO LINE Sheet Cutting Plant

In order to produce competitive facade insulation boards Kurtz developed high-performance cutting lines with long stroke technology allowing maximum cutting speed. With this technology you reach maximum cutting speed.


Highest cutting speed - top sheet quality

The sheet cutting station of these plants is designed in long stroke technology (60 mm strokes, 390 stroke/min), resulting that compared to cutting lines with oscillation or hot wire the cutting speed is considerably higher. Due to the long stroke and flow-optimised cooling nozzles EPS sheets are cut almost without picture frame effect.


The cutting line convinces with the following features: minimum handling, short changeover times, high throughput and easy servicing. Facade insulation boards cut with Kurtz cutting lines guarantee an outstanding surface quality, extremely small thickness tolerances, very narrow tolerances and a very good reproducibility.


  • Very high throughput
  • Short changeover times
  • Minimum handling
  • High ease of servicing
  • Optimum surface quality and small thickness tolerances

Process Optimisation

  • Optimium block guidance
  • Very small thickness tolerances
  • High-performance PLC (programmable logic control)
  • Minimum cutting losses


  • Block magazine
  • Waste disposal
  • Recycling unit
  • Teleservice
  • Sorting and packaging system


  • Wire remote adjustment
  • Electronical data monitoring
  • Service programme
  • Coasting rail