Kurtz EPS Block Moulds

Top quality blocks with highest producitivty.

BLOCK FOAMER, vertical version
BLOCK FOAMER, vertical version
BLOCK FOAMER, horizontal version
User-friendly interface
User-friendly interface
Kurtz BLOCK FOAMER with fixed block dimensions
User-friendly interface
Block weighing device

The NEW Kurtz BLOCK FOAMER was developed for foaming of EPS-blocks in a revolutionary way. It convinces by its innovative process control, high productivity, utmost quality and reliability. The new inside covers of the block mold made of extra light weight Ultra steel screens (USS = metal sheets) enables easy cleaning, is extremely facilitated and a homogenous steam distribution can be reached.

Top-Block-Quality by up-to-date control system

The modern BLOCK FOAMER control systems convinces by flexible programming of steam - and stabilization processes. All 6 sides of the block mold can be controlled independently from each other. Due to permanent control and automatic self-tuning of the whole foaming process shortest cycle times as well as an optimal block quality can be guaranteed.

A single steam modulating valve enables a quick and exact electronic flow control.

The solid construction of the whole block mold allows the production of blocks even in the extreme density range of 8 – 70 g/l.  

Process graphs on screen show the visualised cycle process including just-in-time quality of the block by comparison of actual and target data.


  • Innovative self-tuning process control
  • Utmost flexibility by regulation of length/width
  • Almost maintenance-free construction
  • Ultra Steel Screens light weight inside covers, easy to clean
  • Homogenous steam distribution
  • Graphical visualisation of production cycles
  • Steam/vacuum cycles fully programmable
  • Tele service through DSL connection
  • Short cycle times


  • Optimized vacuum system according to block form size
  • Mixing and dosing unit for 0 – 100 % regrind material
  • Block parking rollway for 3 – 5 blocks
  • Automation to the block storage
  • Water supply and condensate collecting system
  • Block weighing system
  • Block weight correction system (flex version)
  • Stainless steel condenser and tank for vacuum unit
  • Block ink-jet printer
  • Block labelling printer


  • Façade insulation panels
  • Sound absorbing panels
  • Drainage panels
  • Geo Foam blocks
  • Fabricated goods
  • Casting foam