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Kurtz B-JET blue: Intelligent Filling Injectors for Foam Processing

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Optimization of the B-JET blue injector head:

  • Pressure test possible due to improved seal
  • Extended air connection
  • High accuracy of fit
  • Dilag sealing and guiding elements
  • Reinforced material connection

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Are you looking for professional and predictable filling injector maintenance for your foam processing? One that reliably notifies you when maintenance or replacement of the filling injectors is due?
That´s exactly what Kurtz B-JET blue and Kurtz i-CAP do!

With an improved sealing and piston rod guiding, the Kurtz B-JET blue filling gun keeps absolutely tight and is at the technological forefront of the market. Combined with Kurtz i-CAP, you always have an eye on whether the fillers need to be serviced or repaired. Kurtz i-CAP counts the number of strokes and indicates when maintenance is required by means of an integrated LED.*
Unique offer – valid immediately until December 24, 2018!

*Max. number of strokes depends on material and media used. If you have any questions, please contact our service staff.

The Advantages of the Kurtz B-JET blue with i-CAP in overview

  • Proactive Maintenance: Minimization of filling errors/scrap production, reduced cycle time


  • Maintenance-friendly: Easy separability of the filler for cleaning and replacement of sealing elements


  • Energy saving: Low air consumption in relation to the filling volume, no waste of air due to leaks at the filler


  • Savings potential: Both halves of the filler available separately (tool-sided/machine-side)

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